Maritime Security Strategy in Africa

The fourteenth conference in the cycle,

Africa Sessions 13

July 22nd 2021 at 18:00, (London Time).

Recent piracy attacks in the Gulf of Guinea have refocused international attention on a challenge that has never gone away. The underlying causes of piracy remain powerful and resist both superficial explanations and easy solutions. They require deeper assessments to fully understand the issues and collaborative strategies among all the stakeholders involved, from local communities to global actors.

Piracy is one of the most visible symptoms of complex system of maritime threats and challenges that, if left unaddressed, will threaten the viability of many African communities and even states: the pillaging of marine resources – especially fisheries – will have profound social and economic consequences for many years to come. Likewise, the illicit trafficking of weapons and narcotics will continue to weaken communities and states whose citizens, left with uncertain future prospects, continue to take the seas in large numbers as illigal/forced migrants.




Navy Captain

Head of Information and Communication Management Inter-Regional Coordination Centre (ICC)
Christian Bueger

Christian Bueger

Professor of International Relations

University of Copenhagen Honorary Professor at University of Seychelles
Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University
Director at SafeSeas, The network for maritime security research
Lucas da Silva

Lucas da Silva

Commander (OF-4) PRT Navy

Cell Head Civ-Mil Engagement Sub Sahara
NSD – South HUB NATO joint Forces Command Naples


Assis Malaquias

Assis Malaquias

Professor and Chairman

Professor and Chair of the Department of Studies
Global and Maritime Affairs of the Maritime Academy from California State University.
Defense Security Specialist in Africa
President of the Global Strategic Platform (GSP)
Luis Bras Bernardino

Luis Bras Bernardino

Army Colonel

Teacher and Researcher in the Center of International Studies of the
University Institute of Lisbon (CEI-IUL)
Specialist in the matters of African Security and Defense
Member of the Global Strategic Platform (GSP)
Salim Valimamade

Salim Valimamade

Lecturer at Catholic University of Angola

Lecturer in Corporate Finance at the Catholic University of Angola
Member of Global Strategic Platform (GSP)